Dublin, November 29: Free Ahmad Sa’adat – End the Occupation of Palestine


irish-solidarity-with-palestinian-hunger-strikersTo mark this year’s International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, éirígí will hold a ‘Free Ahmad Sa’adat – End the Occupation of Palestine’ protest outside the Israeli embassy in Ballsbridge, Dublin on Friday November 29, at 6pm.

The similarities of the struggle for national liberation in Ireland and Palestine will be highlighted by the protest which will also demand the release of éirígí’s Stephen Murney.

Ahmad Sa’adat, the imprisoned General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, is being held in solitary confinement by the zionist state. He is also being denied all visits by family and friends.

Murney, who turns 30 years of age on Friday November 29, is the imprisoned éirígí spokesperson for the Newry area. On his birthday, he will have been held captive without trial by the British state for one year.

Both men find themselves in prison because of their political activities and because they became a thorn in the side of the forces of occupation in their respective countries.

Speaking from Dublin, Cathaoirleach éirígí Brian Leeson said, “There is a proud history of solidarity between the Irish and Palestinian peoples, and our long struggles for national liberation. Despite the fact that both nations face enemies with overwhelming military superiority, the struggle for self-determination in both countries has never been abandoned.

“Unfortunately there are also many similarities in the counter-insurgency strategies that the British and Israeli states have deployed against the Palestinian and Irish people. State sanctioned executions, imprisonment without trial and political show-trials are all too common in Ireland and Palestine.”

Leeson continued, “Our demonstration on Friday gives the people of Dublin and the surrounding counties the opportunity to express their solidarity with the people of Palestine generally and Palestinian political prisoners in particular.

“I would encourage all those outraged at zionist war crimes in Palestine to make their way to the Israeli embassy on Friday and join with us in offering solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

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