Campaign congratulates Palestinian People on Prisoner Liberation – Sa’adat’s statement on the prisoner exchange


prisoner-releaseThe Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa’adat expresses its deepest congratulations to the Palestinian people, the liberated prisoners, their families, and all people committed to freedom and justice in the world upon the occasion of the liberation of the first stage of prisoners in the prisoner exchange deal on October 18, 2011. The prisoners’ liberation returns sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and comrades to their homes, to their people, and to their struggle for liberation. We salute the endless steadfastness of the prisoners and pledge to dedicate ourselves even more to the day when the remaining over 5,000 prisoners leave the occupier’s jails, liberated and free. This is a day of deep joy and great celebration. It is a day of return and release, and promises a future of many days of return and liberation to come – of the homecoming of prisoners, the homecoming of refugees, and the victory of steadfastness and resistance against occupation, colonization and oppression.

Ahmad Sa’adat issued congratulations to the liberated prisoners and the Palestinian people from his hospital bed in Ramleh prison. A lawyer from Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association met with him in the hospital and conveyed his message:

“Congratulations to the Palestinian people for the completion and signing of the prisoner exchange deal, which comes as a fruit of resistance and steadfastness. Congratulations to all of the prisoners, men and women, and their families, who are liberated by this agreement.” He said that the liberated prisoners deserve a free life with their families, and praised the efforts of the resistance factions to ensure the prisoners’ liberation.

“This achievement confirms that the way to free the prisoners, liberate our homeland, and achieve all of the goals of our people is that of resistance. The resistance of the Palestinian revolution is today – and has been for many years – the primary mechanism for any achievement. We are not in the final battle by any means – there is a long struggle to continue to achieve the goals of our people. We will continue in this epic struggle for freedom, with steadfastness, resilience, and the sacrifices, will, and struggle of our people and all progressive forces in the world.”