Sa’adat places blame on security cooperation for his arrest


ahmadsaadat (1)In response to recent denials of responsibility for the kidnapping of Ahmad Sa’adat, by Tawfiq Tirawi, Fateh official and former head of Ramallah PA intelligence, Sa’adat issued the following statement from his isolation cell in Nafha Prison on January 27, 2011, emphasizing the responsibility of not only Tirawi, but the PA as a whole:

My stand on the details that have been reported about my arrest on January 15, 2002 is that the Authority bears the responsibility for our arrest and imprisonment and the crime of accepting the agreement of imprisoning us in Jericho, and then, later, our abduction from Jericho prison in March 2006.

This agreement on Jericho was illegitimate and particularly in regard to me [Sa’adat’s imprisonment had been found to be baseless and illegal by the Palestinian High Court]. It is a reflection of the policy of security cooperation and the PA’s acceptance that its security organs all play the role of agents to protect the security of Israel.

There are so many examples of freedom fighters who paid their lives and their freedom as a price for such policy, including resistance elements from Fateh. As I have declared in the past, the primary person responsible for my arrest is Yasser Arafat and all the heads of the security were involved in one way or another in implementing the arrest and detention, including Tawfiq Tirawi. He participated in the deception and was one of the people who orchestrated that deception, in order to achieve my arrest, arranging from behind the scenes in order to detain me.

What is disturbing to me is the continuation of the same policy under the slogan of implementation of the obligations of shameful agreements that have no value with the occupation. This means that freedom fighters are still paying the price of the crime of security agreements and security cooperation with the occupation. What concerns me the most is not the condemnation of any individual but the path that remains in place and continues to provide free services to the occupier against Palestinian resistance.

Ahmed Saadat, secretary general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, from isolation in Nafha prison