Abla Sa’adat: Urgent medical care being denied to Ahmad Sa’adat


Palestine News Network
abla-wsfSeptember 15, 2007

Abla Sa’adat, Palestinian activist and wife of Palestinian prisoner and political leader, Ahmad Sa’adat, said in an interview with the Palestine News Network that Sa’adat is suffering from an acute prostate disorder, as well as an infection in his back, which require urgent medical attention and treatment. However, the prison administration has continued to ignore this need, neglecting his health and denying emergency medical treatment despite repeated reporting of these health problems; this neglect is believed to aggravate his condition.

She stated that the prison administration refuses to send a specialist to examine him and follow up on his medical condition, stating that they are satisfied with the care provided by the prison nurse, who is known to provide ineffective medical treatment for Palestinian prisoners.

She also stated that the continuous movement from one place to another, from the prison to the court at Ofer, during his trial has contributed to the deterioration of his condition, and called on all international and local organizations to intervene in the situation to end this systematic medical neglect and to allow doctors to examine him and provide treatment.