Sa’adat rejects charges against him


Ahmed Saadat, the leader of the PopularJuly 29, 2007

Ramallah July 29, 2007 (RNA) – Jailed Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmed Sa’adat, rejected Sunday the Israeli charges against him, and also rejected to admit the legitimacy of the Israeli court suing him.

Sa’adat, during his trial rejected to confess the accusations against him and to confess being behind a special unit of the PFLP that shot an Israeli Minister.

Dozens of Palestinian personalities carried out a demonstration before the Israeli military court of Oufer, western Ramallah, where Sa’dat’s trial, to express support with him.

The demonstration also came in protest of the continuation of Sa’adat’s custody for being a Parliamentarian in the Palestinian legislative Council PLC.

Sa’adat’s wife, Abla, said in an interview before the court, “we are demonstrating in support with the leader Ahmed Sa’adat, today a series of trails will start and will continue for the next two weeks.”

She said that these trails aim at exhausting Sa’adat physically and mentally because every trial takes hours, adding “the court represents nothing to Sa’adat because he rejects to recognize it and keeping him in jail is an illegal issue.”

Abla Sa’adat revealed that she had expected that her husband will not be included in the latest prisoners’ release deal, “because it was an Israeli unilateral deal, and we expect that the occupation doesn’t release people like Sa’adat.”

She hoped that the Palestinians would invest any swap deals and manage to release more Palestinian prisoners.

Meanwhile, Khaleda Jarar a Palestinian legislator considered that Sa’dat’s trial depends on Israeli military orders and is unjust trial, considering “the Israeli occupation is the party that must be sued and not the Palestinian people strugglers.”

Sheikh Raed Salah, leader of Islamic Movement, called to pressure on Israel to release Palestinian leaders and more than 12 thousand prisoners.

Following the Israeli assassination of PFLP leader Abu Ali Mustafa in August 2001, the Central Committee of the PFLP elected Sa’adat as his successor.

In retaliation for the murder of Mustafa, a special unit of the PFLP shot Rehevam Ze’evi, the Israeli Minister of Tourism.