On the anniversary of Ahmad Sa’adat’s abduction by the Palestinian Authority security services



This crime reflects eternal shame on the perpetrators

On this day in 2002, the Palestinian Authority security apparatus arrested the General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, through a deception perpetrated by these agencies, especially the intelligence service and the Preventive Security apparatus. Their involvement was based on the implementation of an understanding between the leadership of the PA, the occupation forces and U.S. imperialism, under which Comrade Sa’adat and his comrades were detained in the Muqata’a (PA presidential building) and brought before a farce of a show trial. Through this deal with the occupier, the comrades were detained in Jericho prson under guard by the Palestinian Authority as well as U.S. and British security forces. Eventually, the occupation forces stormed the prison and kidnapped Sa’adat and his comrades in 2006.

1) This crime constitutes an open wound that will not heal, will not be forgotten and will remain an eternal disgrace for the perpetrators. We can only achieve justice by holding all of those responsible accountable and bringing them before a trial of the people for what they have done against a great national resistance leader.

2) This unforgivable crime requires us to strike the walls of the tank again and again on the necessity of bringing an end to the policy of security coordination, which is a treacherous stab in the side of our resistance and our people.

3) On the anniversary of this crime, we value and highly appreciate all of the events and activities that will be organized in support of Ahmad Sa’adat and the prisoners’ movement during the next two weeks between 15 and 30 January, which the Campaign, the Samidoun Network and a number of friendly forces have called for. We remind all of the urgent need to raise your voices loudly for the prisoners’ movement which is being subjected to a massive Zionist assault.

Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa’adat
15 January 2020