Sa’adat on Omar Nayef Zayed: One betrayal, from Jericho to Bulgaria


Ahmad Sa’adat, imprisoned Palestinian leader and General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, issued a statement along with his fellow imprisoned PFLP comrades, on the killing of freed prisoner, and Sa’adat’s comrade, Omar Nayef Zayed in the Palestinian embassy in Bulgaria on Friday morning.

Sa’adat said that Nayef Zayed struggled until his last breath for Palestine, saying that the Mossad – the Israeli intelligence service – the Bulgarian authorities, and the Palestinian Authority, represented by its President Mahmoud Abbas, Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki and Ambassador Ahmad al-Madhbouh all have a direct responsibility for this crime.

Sa’adat said that such a crime, in which the Zionist intelligence and the role of the Palestinian Authority come together directly, is reminiscent of a series of events and practices of the Authority, particularly the imprisonment of Sa’adat and his comrades in Jericho prison and then their kidnapping by the occupation and the attack on the prison, leading up to this ugly event inside the Palestinian embassy in Bulgaria. “The collusion of the Palestinian Authority and the Zionist intelligence through security coordination leads to serious crimes and results to which the Authority is not immune. It is part and parcel of the continuation of security coordination and reliance on a settlement with this criminal enemy,” said Sa’adat.

He called for a popular trial of Palestinian officials responsible for the events leading to this crime, sayingthat it was “premeditated.”

“The assasination of Nayef Zayed carries with it many questions and suspicions which must be investigated and exposed: particularly, the lack of formal protection for the comrade martyr and the absence of the security and intelligence services of the Authority from the embassy at the moment that his life was taken. This is particularly true in light of what we learned from the comrade directly through his family, that he was under constant pressure from the embassy staff and the ambassador, and that the ambassador frequently warned him that the Mossad could attack him at any moment,” said Sa’adat.

He also said that this incident raises questions about the discussion of the issue of Nayef Zayed between Palestinian officials and the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, who met with the leadership of the PA and Abbas on Wednesday of this week, whether it was not raised, or what discussions took place on his case at that time. Sa’adat concluded by extending his and his comrades sincere condolences to the family of Omar Nayef Zayed, who have given many martyrs, prisoners, and wounded in the struggle for the liberation of Palestine.