Banners posted in Salerno in solidarity with Ahmad Sa’adat and Palestinian prisoners


From Palestina Rossa – As part of the global week of action in solidarity with Ahmad Sa’adat and Palestinian prisoners, the Handala Collective – Salerno (Collettivo Handala Salerno) posted a series of banners throughout the city demanding the release of the over 5,200 Palestinian prisoners in the occupation prisons, stating that the prisoners are not forgotten.

The Handala Collective said:

“There are thousands of Palestinians and Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons. There are adult men and women, but also children. There are Palestinians who are in prison for too many decades. There are tortured and sick, prisoners undergo criminal use of administrative detention…The Palestinian prisoners have been in recent years an important reference point in the search for unity among Palestinians based on the original ideals of the resistance and liberation struggle. We believe that the support and defense of the prisoners should be a must for anyone who is close to the legitimate aspirations of freedom and self-determination of the Palestinian people.

“Ahmad Sa’adat, Palestinian leader, member of parliament and secretary general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, is being held in Israeli prisons since 15 March 2006. Before that, he was detained in the prisons of the Palestinian Authority, under U.S. and British guard, since January 2002. After 11 years of imprisonment of Ahmad Sa’adat, we raise our voices once again to say: Free Ahmad Sa’adat! Free Palestinian political prisoners!”

The Handala Collective also called upon people to take to the streets in Turin on November 30 to demand the suspension of all relations with Israel until it respects Palestinian rights and to denounce support for the colonization and apartheid in Palestine. On December 2 in Turin the Italian government will hold a meeting with the leaders of the Zionist entity , to make new and even stronger cooperation agreements in the economic, scientific and military arenas, and working to strengthen its role as a co- imperialist protagonist in the attack on the Arab peoples. In view of this meeting, take to the streets on November 30 to say:

  • No to the Zionist project of ethnic cleansing of Palestine
  • Supporting the Palestinian people’s struggle for their right of return and self-determination
  • Rejection of the Oslo Accords
  • Support for BDS as an alternative to Italy-Israel cooperation 
  • Support the Resistance and the struggles of prisoners
  • Disruption of trade, economic, political, military and cultural relations between Italy and Israel


collettivo handala salerno libertà per saadat