The Zionist entity maintain its prison facilities aimed at breaking the backs and will of the Palestinian people.


By Hiyam Noir and Fadwa Nassar

The Zionist entity Israel has ratified international agreements regarding human rights protection, while at the same time they refuse to apply these agreements in the occupied Palestine territories, attempting to create legal justification for its illegal activities, in these essentially political prisons.

For two weeks, Palestinian prisoners are conducting a hunger strike to protest against the indefinite detention conditions in the colonial prison facilities of the Zionist entity. Upon the initiative of PFLP (The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) political prisoners, including the Secretary General of PFLP, Ahmad Saadat, whom are subject to solitary confinement since nearly two years back, the hunger strike was disbursed to other prisoners,before the actions spread out to more than 6500 prisoners,while about 2000 are carrying out a hunger strike all the time.

The Palestinian national movement of prisoners have decided to join the massive infinite hunger strike on Tuesday, October 11, while on to this day, thousands of prisoners in the prisoners solidarity movement will undertake a hunger strike during one or two days every week.

The protest of Palestinian and Arab prisoners may spread wide and last long, and it may lead to martyrdom of some of the prisoners, those whose health since the beginning of the hunger strike has deteriorated suddenly. To stifle the prison movement, the colonial Zionist authorities reacted violently, prison guards removed the salt, the only commodity that can help protesting prisoners to resist death.

By taking all their belongings, and moving the hunger- strikers to other prisons or sections, the Zionists entity are isolating the detainees and prisoners even more from the outside world. On Sunday, information circulated about negotiations between the management of the colonial prisons and the hunger – strikers. However it does not appear that negotiations have led to any substantial change since, the direction is not planning to further stop the attacks.

The prisoners put great emphasis on their claim that nightly assaults against the cell-blocks must be stopped, but to no prevail. The Zionist prison authority are carrying out its immediate and unlawful violent assaults against the so-called “count prisoners”, on the pretext that the cells need to be inspected – if the prisoners resist they will be removed by force. The attacks on the cells have been carried out by brutal specially trained forces, four times every day since the hunger strike began, during so called “inspections” and in the “counting” of the inmates.

The prisoners also demand an end to humiliating treatment of their family members,while in extremely harsh conditions on the journey to visit their relatives: The inmates family or other relatives are being held up for hours when passing through dozens of roadblocks, at times suffering from violent attacks by settlers, as a custom greeted by prison guards and interrogators with insults and derogatory searches, often in the very last minutes when the time is out, they are being refused the visit,disappointed and saddened,the long and difficult journey and hours of waiting was to no avail.

The prisoners claim they are forced to wear chuckles on their feet during family visits, furthermore the prisoners demand that Sherut Batei HaSohar, the Israeli Prison Authorities must activate Arab television channels, as well as process the access to academic studies and permission to receive books which the prison authorities banned a few weeks ago. Another curiosity that motivates investigation, the only university open for Palestinian and Arab academic students, is a university authorized and administered by the Zionist entity.

Palestinian and Arab prisoners held in Zionist colonial prisons does not claim, a favor from the leaders of the Zionist entity, the prisoners are only demanding their basic human rights: A decision to be made regarding their solitary confinement. Some prisoners are being held for five years or more, in isolation cells, called “antechamber of death”, these dungeons are dark, narrow confined rooms, with a lingering chilling dampness on the ground and inside the walls.

The conditions in these detention centers and prisons both in pre-1967 Israel and the post-1967 in the Palestine Occupied Territories, are designed to destroy the detainees and the prisoners both physically and psychically. This systematic torture is causing severe mental stress, glandular and lung diseases, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and other pathological and psychogenic conditions, very few detainees can survive months in Zionist dungeons which are no more than 1 meter by 2.5 meter. – twenty-three hours a day.

In short, the hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners are demanding an end to the Zionist’s colonial inhuman repressive measures introduced throughout the previous year, while at the same time the Zionist entity to the outside world suggest, it is the “only democracy” in the Middle east and a member of the” international community” and adhering to the international law.

Walid Duqqi a Palestinian man from the territories occupied in 1948, languished in the colonial dungeons of the Zionist entity for over 25 years. He was sentenced to life imprisonment by a military court.Walid Duqqi compare the interior and the exterior of Zionist prisons. According to Walid Duqqi, explained in a recent article – the Zionist regime deny the Palestinian people it’s mental and material life.The reality of, a Palestinian people, a Palestinian community, and a stable Palestinian life,should be terminated.

On the outside of the prisons, the Palestinian people are killed by the settlers, in military attacks and in violent assaults, subjugated and humiliated in prosecutions, by restrictions on their movement – the dismantling and categorization of the country Palestine.

Inside the prisons of the Zionist entity, the deprivation and instability in the movement of prisoners continues, by region or by the political parties categorization of prisoners, nightly assaults to disturbed these men, women, young and old in the midst of dreams, dreams filled with hope and freedom. Destroyed peace and tranquility, violation of privacy, also their culture and values in lives, to become that of the colonizer not the one individual they are trying to stay, inside the four walls.

Inside the prisons there are also the “song – birds” working. These employed infiltrators, bribed with empty promises, even though results become pointless, because outside the prison – it is the employed collaborator who ends up trapped in their nets. In a steady manner both inside and outside the Zionists colonial prisons, the Zionists continue to carry on with its violent efforts to break the back and the will of the Palestinian people’s resistance.

Palestinian and Arab prisoners are causing tiny cracks in the walls of these fragile prisons, not only by their refusal to eat. The Palestinian prisoner’s solidarity movement is growing, no cause is as important and popular as that of political prisoners and their struggle in Palestine, in refugee camps and in the exile. And the solidarity movement unifies the cause of the prisoners, as it is recently declared by a Palestinian personality;” the political prisoners are the true heroes in the life of the Palestinian people.”
Tomorrow – or in the near future;

It is the entire colonial Zionist prison system that will share the fate of the Khiam prison in Lebanon, a French barrack complex originally built in the 1930.In 1985 the complex was converted into a prison camp. It remained in use for alleged torture of Lebanese civilians until the Zionist Israelis withdrawal from Lebanon in May 2000, and the subsequent collapse of the SLA ( South Lebanese Army. The Israeli Air Force destroyed the prison during its war on Lebanon in year 2006. Both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have reported use of torture and other serious human rights abuses in that prison facility. Not surprisingly the Israelis denied any involvement in Khiam, claiming to have delegated operation of the prison to the SLA as early as 1988.

However the British journalist Robert Fisk, who has spent 25 years reporting from Lebanon, said about this prison:

“The sadists of Khiam used to electrocute the penises of their prisoners and throw water over their bodies before plunging electrodes into their chests and kept them in pitch-black, solitary confinement for months. For many years, the Israelis even banned the Red Cross from visiting their foul prison. All the torturers fled across the border into Israel when the Israeli army retreated under fire from Lebanon almost seven years ago.”

The prisoners Qassamite, Ibrahim and Hamed, participants of the extended hunger strike that starts October 11, has called upon all prisoners, saying that:

“The entire Zionist entity is in crisis, take advantage of the good timing, join in solidarity to expand the movement.”

The timing is crucial, to broaden the Palestinian prisoners movement of solidarity at all levels worldwide. Public places in the world capitals will be invaded by mass crowds, international institutions will be scrutinized, and progressive international media will be involved in the battle for dignity of the Palestinian people and its living heroes, the Palestinian resistance.