Bahrain’s National Democratic Action Society issues statement supporting Sa’adat


Wa3ad_logoThe National Democratic Action Society of Bahrain pledged its commitment and solidarity to Ahmad Sa’adat, praising his courage within the walls of the Zionist prisons, and his long years of leadership in the struggle of the Palestinian people at home and abroad, and his role as a symbol of steadfastness.
The Society said in a statement of solidarity with Sa’adat, “We stand in solidarity with the struggler Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, whose steadfastness and endurance as a leader behind the bars of the Zionist prisons, daily confronting the enemy. He is a national leader, and his recent hunger strike to protest the mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, is also a protest against the same enemy conducting siege, massacres, displacement and demolition of homes, burning farms, building colonial settlements, and the Zionisation of Jerusalem, and its ongoing aggression and war against the Palestinian people. Ahmad Sa’adat stands in defiance of the military might of this enemy, who is trying to abolish the lives of trees, humans, the land, and the homeland.”

The statement continued to say that the people of Bahrain have the highest level of solidarity with the people of Palestine, the Palestinian national struggle and with the symbols of this struggle, of which the national leader Sa’adat is a prime example.

The statement further recalled Sa’adat’s defiance of Israeli military courts, his refusal to recognize the legitimacy of these illegitimate courts, and his ongoing rejection of solitary confinement in the prison, which is aimed at the destruction of the Palestinian prisoners. The society called upon all progressive forces in the world, and Arab national forces, to stand by the leader Sa’adat, calling upon them to work for his release. It called upon all human rights commissions, organizations and institutions to take action to free Sa’adat and all prisoners and detainees in Zionist jails and detention centers.

It also demanded action to end the state of division and for the restoration of national unity between all factions who continue to struggle against the occupier. It emphasized the need for national unity particularly in the face of the threats posed by the racist terrorist Netanyahu and his plans to increase colonial settlements, Zionize Jerusalem and his attempts to undermine the right of return, the essence of the Palestinian cause, as well as the Zionist enemy’s demands that the Arab and Palestinian people recognize “Israel” as a “Jewish state.”

The statement concluded by paying tribute to Sa’adat and all of the prisoners in the Zionist jails.