Abla Sa’adat in Spain for International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People


On the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the Committee in Solidarity with the Arab Cause in Asturias, Spain hosted Abla Sa’adat, Palestinian activist, women’s organizer, and the wife of imprisoned Palestinian leader Ahmad Sa’adat.

Abla Sa’adat spoke on November 27 and 28 about the situation of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli occupation jails. Sa’adat also met with Senator Jesus Iglesias and local media, discussing the urgent situation of her husband and Palestinian political prisoners in general.

“The Israeli government has increased repression since the start of this year, 2014. There are escalating punishments and penalties for acts of popular resistance. We have seen the war in Gaza, mass arrests and repression inside the prisons. The occupation wants to push Palestinians off their land…it pursues a Palestine without Palestinians…Israel has expelled Palestinians since it was founded in 1948,” she said, speaking of the current situation in Palestine.