April 29, 2017




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Interview with Ahmad Sa’adat: Prisoners’ struggle is critically important for the Palestinian liberation movement

Marking Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, and as over 1,500 Palestinian political prisoners enter an open hunger strike for a series of demands, HadfNews published an interview with imprisoned Palestinian leader Ahmad Sa’adat, his answers received from Ramon prison, where Sa’adat, ...

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Khaled Barakat’s presentation at Paris event to free Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

Excerpts from the speech of Khaled Barakat, international coordinator of the Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa’adat, at the unified meeting to Free Georges Abdallah, held on 18 March at Librarie Resistances in Paris, France: “One of the most important propositions that was discussed today ...

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Eleven years on the attack on Jericho prison: Security coordination and occupation must end

On the 11th anniversary of the occupation crime of attacking Jericho prison and kidnapping Palestinian leader Ahmad Sa’adat and his comrades, it is more clear than ever the misery that has been inflicted on the Palestinian people by the Palestinian Authority and its practice of security ...

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